YouTube may well be hunting for pirated movies posted on its video platform, they keep coming back, if only for a few hours. If you are fast enough, it is possible to enjoy. Of course, you probably will not find all the films you are looking for, but if you have a list of ten films you want to see, there is a good chance that at least one of them will be present on Youtube. Here are some tips to find them.

The right keywords to use

It’s not enough to simply search for the title of a movie to fall on the full movie (although it can happen). Most often you will only find the trailer. It is best to add “full movie” / “full movie” / “full movie” after the title (you can even search only on these keywords if you do not know what to watch). You can also add “VF” / “VOSTFR” / French after if the movie is in English and you need either dubbing or subtitles. You can get the best options in now.

Think about movies divided into several parts

Do not hesitate to add “part 1” to your search. This can allow you to find a movie present in full on YouTube but has been cut into several parts to pass the upload limitations and try to pass between the drops. It was then titled “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc.

The filter that arranges everything

To refine the search further, once the results are displayed, go to the filters. Among the different options, look at the length of the videos and click on “more than 20 minutes”. This will avoid the trailers most of the time. But beware, if the film has been cut into several parts, it will no longer be visible. You have to try with and without.

Reassemble the right channels / accounts

These are often the same people who upload movies to YouTube. It may be interesting to “go back” the thread of a chain or account to discover the other treasures they have to offer. And, who knows, maybe you’ll come across a nugget…

Beware of traps

The title and the picture seem engaging. You have finally found the movie you are looking for. Except that when you start reading, the movie does not start but it’s a message inviting you to click on the link below to find – really – the movie. Never click, it is always a scam in one way or another (or a way to make you click on 245 ads to finally offer you nothing).

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